Natural Energy. Power of the Sun.

You are a private individual interested in photovoltaic systems? You are a systems installer looking for high-quality system components? You are a business customer and would like to make use of large roof areas to generate energy from sunlight? You want to convert your heating system to a solar thermal system?


Then you are in best hands with INTRA photovoltaics.

We deliver turnkey solar systems to suit all requirements. We ensure the the highest standards of engineering, installation and service for our pervasive network of partnerships with all major manufacturers.


You can find information about our company, our services and recent news on our website.
Whether in private homes or commercial buildings - the production of solar energy pays.
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INTRA photovoltaics systems company offers a wide range of components.
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Get informed on innovative solutions for e-mobility.
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Roof area
We are looking for roof areas from 600 sqm for lease.
Hotline: 0800 / 60 88 99 8
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Independent sales representatives
in the field for the Ruhr area, North Rhine-Westphalia

and the Italian market

Development and Sales Engineer for E-Mobility

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Example assembly of a solar system

June 2010