As a wholesale supplier of photovoltaic systems and components, we help you make the right choice: We provide products from leading manufacturers at affordable prices. By request, our engineers can advise you regarding all aspects of the assembly, installation and operation of a power supply on the basis on solar energy.

This allows us to get electricity providers such as yourself the best possible service in terms of ordering and delivery. We can provide a circuit recommendation for your individual configuration.

INTRA photovoltaics conducts business throughout Germany and Europe - now with new branches in France and Italy. We supervise other projects in North Africa (Mali) and the Middle East.

In developing and transition economies, stand-alone systems are in particularly high demand to make use of the advantages of solar energy in areas not covered by the mains network. Our international staff of employees ensures smooth implementation and access to new markets by providing advice in the national language.




As a B2B service provider, we compile detailed planning requirements for photovoltaic systems on behalf of electricity providers: Using a CAD-based annual simulation, we consider the daylight situation of the site depending on the location and orientation of the system. This permits thorough evaluations for mains-connected systems.

For stand-alone systems, we design custom requirements of consumption intensity for daytime and nocturnal operation. The key to efficiency is the selection of suitable battery technology.




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