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Photovoltaic systems can be deployed in many places. To maximise potential output, however, some factors at the site must be taken into consideration, particularly the architectural and geographical location.
Get in touch via our contact form to get information about the possibilities of deploying solar panels on your roof and other available open spaces.



Our specialists design individual solar systems as per your requirements. In a computer-based annual simulation, we take into account the daylight situation of the property depending on location and orientation. This permits thorough evaluations for mains-connected systems.
In our wide product range, our staff can help you select the right solar modules for your needs. INTRA photovoltaics AG provides technologies with outstanding energy efficiency, and delivery times are extremely fast, thanks to the company's own distribution network.



INTRA photovoltaics AG deploys its own teams for the assembly of solar systems in the Ruhr region. For other locations, we are happy to put you in touch with competent partners.
Our engineers and craftsmen ensure smooth and speedy implementation. The administrative matters for the registration and operation of your system are also entirely handled by us. You will receive a turnkey installation, which you can comfortably monitor using of digital control technology.





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