Functionality and stability

INTRA photovoltaics exclusively distributes products by Schletter. The mounting systems are modular, universally deployable, high-quality components (aluminium and stainless steel), and allow our technicians to install modules in almost any location. The system consists of many proven components, and is constantly updated with newly developed, compatible components.

We pay special attention to the provision of technical support to our engineers with manuals and calculation tools that help save valuable time and avoid mistakes. According to your needs, you can purchase single components or complete, pre-assembled and ready-made mounting kits for the envisaged system setup.

Solar mounting systems by Schletter
Complete system statics in the form of tables and programs are available for all systems. This allows us to ensure the stability and durability of your photovoltaic system. Numerous certifications and an extended voluntary product warranty mean safety and trust for you, our customers:
  • Quality control in accordance with ISO9001: 2000
  • Product certification in accordance with TUV Proof
  • Product certification in accordance with VDE - GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit - Proven Safety)
  • Product certification in accordance with RAL-Solar
  • Welding certification in accordance with DIN 18800 (load-bearing parts of assembly)
  • Special welding certifications (e.g., roof hooks)

10 year voluntary product warranty from Schletter for all parts of the system.




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