1. Individual design
Our specialists optimise the individual components of your system for all kinds of scenarios. A local contact, and the delivery of turnkey solar energy system from a single source ensure the smooth execution of all project phases.

2. The appropriate modules
INTRA photovoltaics supplies advanced technology made in Germany. Our solar modules are characterised by excellent energy efficiency and maximum output even under adverse conditions. The extensive experience of our engineers and technicians guarantees optimal functionality, and our network of manufacturers and installers ensures fast delivery.

3. Professional installation
INTRA photovoltaics deploys its own teams for the assembly of solar systems in the Ruhr region. For other locations, we are happy to put you in touch with competent partners.

4. Scope of services
We can provide you with a comprehensive package of services: Professional and on-site consulting without obligations, advice and support for sourcing of finance and applications for public subsidies. You will receive comprehensive documentation of the system components and a commissioning certificate - helping you stay on top on the technical side of things. You might also wish to use an additional, customised online output monitoring or local analysis software on your PC. Optional extras such as an on-site service in case of failure, and extended warranty for the entire system complete our service package.

5. Warranty
By using the best components and expert installation, we manage to avoid most technical complications. There is an extensive guarantee policy in place in case of defects. For photovoltaic modules, the warranty period is usually 20 years. INTRA photovoltaics will be your reliable point of contact throughout the entire operational life of your solar power system.




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