Your domestic heating plant

You want to switch your heating and hot water supply to an environmentally friendly solution?

The solar thermal solutions by INTRA photovoltaics enable you to implement auxiliary heating and hot water systems for your home. This entails the direct introduction of heat energy from solar panels into your domestic heating system. In the solar thermal sector, we are partnered with the company Solvis, the technological leader with the world's best patented combination stratified storage tanks on the market.



The product "SolvisMax" allows savings of 50% on heating costs - significantly more than with comparable products, since the stratified storage tank ensures minimised energy losses. In the medium term, this is more effective in reducing costs than a low purchase price.


Another advantage of Solvis products is their fuel independence. They can be combined with oil, gas or pellet heating solutions. You can also easily switch to an alternative fuel source later on. This ensures greater flexibility in the age of dwindling fossil resources.



"SolvisMax" is the current winner of tests conducted by "Stiftung Warentest" (grade "1.8", 3/2009) and "Öko-Test" (grade "Very good", 10/2010)







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